June 29, 2022

EN 54-29 Standard for fire detection

It defines the requirements for multiple sensor detectors (known as combined detectors or smoke and heat detectors) to offer more reliable and accurate early smoke detection. Siemens is one of the first companies to offer multiple sensors detectors respecting the EN 54-29.The new European standard EN 54-29 was enforced since May 2015 in Europe.

So far, the standards EN 54-5 and EN54-7 have been applicable for point detectors. They specify the requirements for smoke and heat detectors.

Highest level of security by multiple analysis

With the EN 54-29 standardization organizations are now setting new standards in fire alarm engineering. It specifies the requirements of fire detectors containing one sensor for smoke and one sensor for hear. These detectors spot imminent fires by means of an intelligent combination of algorithms of smoke and temperature parameters. Thanks to its multiple sensor system these detectors respond far more precisely as EN 54-5 and EN 54-7 – tested devices and they are also much less prone to deceptive interference than mere smoke detectors.

Scope of the EN-54-29

This European Standard EN 54-29 specifies requirements, test methods and performance criteria for point type multi-sensor fire detectors for use in fire detection systems installed in buildings (see EN 54-1:1996), incorporating in one mechanical enclosure at least one optical or ionization smoke sensor and at least one heat sensor. The overall fire detection performance is determined utilizing the combination of the detected phenomena. Multi-sensor fire detectors having special characteristics suitable for the detection of specific fire risks are not covered by this standard. The performance requirements for any additional functions are beyond the scope of this standard (e.g. additional features or enhanced functionality for which this standard does not define a test or assessment method).

Siemens ASA Technology

Protecting people and assets and securing business processes are of utmost importance. That’s why Cerberus™ PRO provides the ideal fire safety solution for any application area. Detectors with the innovative ASAtechnology™ (ASA = advanced signal analysis) are the best choice for protecting especially demanding application areas. Because in environments like data centers and industrial
production facilities, you need highly advanced technology to ensure maximum safety and optimal protection – with no false alarms.


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